• Tonight's episode of Big Bang Theory, Season 9 Episode 22 "The Fermentation Bifurcation" is using the track “Dreams for Sale” from our CD AT094 Jazz Trio.



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    "City Of The Sun Goes Viral, Beats Kanye" - David Moffly, Baeble Music



    "Everything", the new single from City of the Sun from their new album to the sun and all the cities in between, has debuted on the Spotify Viral 50 list this week currently at #11, joining the likes of Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, and The Lumineers.


    Beginning their journey in scattered regions of the world and coming together performing in the subways and streets of New York City, City of the Sun draws its roots from across the world as well as across the genres. On their debut album, experience music that will leave you in trance. A mix of modern post-rock ambience and frenetic flamenco style guitar work, to the sun and all the cities in between crosses the generational gap and proves you don’t need vocals to captivate.


    Founded by David and Norman Chesky, Chesky records is a GRAMMY® Award winning audiophile label. The label records its albums using a single binaural microphone over the course of one day at a church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This immersive process helps to capture the feel of being in the audience, and helps to accurately portray the performance of the musicians.




  • Chesky Records is proud to announce that iconic vocalist, Macy Gray, will be releasing a new album on Chesky Records this fall. The new album, currently untitled, will show a new side to the singer, pairing her with an impressive jazz ensemble that includes Russell Malone, Ari Hoenig, Daryl Johns, and Wallace Roney. She'll revisit some of her classic songs in addition to providing some new material and her interpretations of others' classic songs. Gray released her debut album, On How Life Is, in 1999 to great success. In 2001 she won a Grammy for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her second single, “I Try,” which was also nominated for Song of the Year. With a handful of releases between then and now, this album will demonstrate Gray's versatility as she trades Pop production for authentic performance on this stripped and bare expression of raw emotion. The album promises to not only be engaging and catchy, but timeless.
  • Congratulations to our client the 2016 UCONN Huskies on another championship win making it four in a row with this years undefeated season.
  • Episode #103 of Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life airing on 4/3 used the song "Top Flight" from our Jango Indie artist Direk.
  • We have a new Apple Trax CD available for download. AT149-Hipster RockFun, friendly hip indie pop/rock cues that can be used for a variety of spots.  Ten themes making 60 tracks in all including Split/Trax mixes for each theme.

    Check out the demo video: 

  • Tonight's episode of Gotham: Wrath of the Villains Season 2 Episode 16 “Prisoners” is using the track “Holiday Rose” from our CD LT22 Vintage Country. 

  • The new Amazon live stream show "Style Code Live" is using our library throughout the show and season.

  • Check out Manhattan Production Music's Indie Artist Kelly Padrick's new video for her song "Consciousness" 

  • We have a new Apple Trax CD available for download. AT148-Organic Tech - A collection of uplifting, friendly cues to use for a variety of corporate and business-themed productions. Featuring 10 themes including underscores making 60 tracks in total.

     check out the demo video: