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Psymon Spine

Psymon Spine is an experimental pop band based in Brooklyn. Their constantly shifting sound is informed by the band’s varied musical backgrounds, which range from house music to punk, hip-hop, minimalism, West African music, Tropicália, gamelan, and more.

In 2013, the band met and began collaborating with Graham Dickson of London-based band Crystal Fighters, who would go on to start Axis Mundi Records and sign Psymon Spine.  The next several years would be spent writing and recording their album, touring, DJing, and performing with the likes of Mr Twin Sister, Crystal Fighters, Is Tropical, Juan Maclean, Guerilla Toss, and MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden.

“…the kind of aural magic that can happen when all the right pieces fall into place. It’s a giddy piece of experimental pop, twisting around the duality of youthful optimism and the encroaching anxiety of adulthood.” – Consequence of Sound

“…a jubilant, guitar-driven romp with lush harmonies and an aggressively good-times agenda.” – SPIN

“…loads of vaporous sweeps, swells of sidechained electro bass and female vocals at moments reminiscent of mid 90′s Stereolab.” – Gold Flake Paint “If you like and/or miss Yeasayer or NewVillager, Psymon Spine will fill that gap in your playlist.” – ION Magazine

pigWar - Psychedelic Soul

Named after the bloodless war of 1859 in the San Juan Islands, their live shows are explosive with all-original tunes that pull from the obscure corners of Teddy Pendergrass, Led Zeppelin, The Faces, Lee Scratch Perry, Dilla, and Parliament Funkadelic. Paying homage to old soul music with a modern coat of paint consisting of dusty synthesizers and angular horn lines. pigWar is the musical platform of Portland-based artist Teddy Presberg. The band features a rotating cast of some of Portland’s best Soul singers and unleashes them with a super tight band exploding behind them. Ian McDonald and Kelly Finnigan of the Monophonics mixed pigWar’s self-titled debut album, with mastering done by Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Grupo Fantasma).

1985 Music - Trap/Hip Hop/R&B

Brandon Ross (Plan B' 85) is a Music Producer, Writer, and Recording Engineer from New Jersey, specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. Currently residing in Atlanta, Plan B has worked with a variety of mainstream and independent artists and has secured numerous sync placements on high profile TV Shows on MTV, MTV 2, VH1, SPIKE & OWN, and others.

Gabrielle Marlena - Acoustic Pop

Brooklyn-based indie folk songstress Gabrielle Marlena started writing music during her camp summers in the Berkshires. Gabrielle moved to Montreal at 18 for school, and she found herself in the heart of an eclectic music scene where she was able to hone her craft. In 2016, she moved to NYC to perform and record her first studio album, Good Music For You. Gabrielle shares her experience of love and loss with rich authenticity through her raw, soul-baring lyrics and strong vocals, while maintaining a silly and welcoming stage presence at her live shows.

“Gabrielle Marlena might have created one of the greatest breakup albums of all time.” - LADYGUNN

“A break-up effort for the ages.” - Vanyaland

“The album is one that you’re bound to play over and over.” - Groundsounds


Foul Al - Hip Hop/Rap

For some, wearing many hats can be a problem.  Not for Hip-Hop artist Foul Al.  As a rapper, music producer, business marketer, and part-time graphic designer, versatility is a way of life. Over 15 years of music experience can be heard through his work as he creatively weaves musical experiences that detail the ups and downs he faced in his own life. Born in the heart of Harlem, but raised in the belly of Far Rockaway, NY, Al found his childhood surrounded by music. This fostered his love for the art and ingrained it in his blood.

Noah Wall - Folk/Blues



Noah Wall lets her voice shine through on this stunning example of classic Folk sensibilities with a modern twist.

Melissa Menago - Acoustic Pop

A buzz artist on the move who has developed a unique gift of knocking down walls with songs so strong they sound like classics from another era

The City Of The Sun - Indie

The City of the Sun draws its roots from across the world as well as across the genres. On their debut album, experience music that will leave you in trance. A mix of modern post-rock ambience and frenetic flamenco style guitar work, to the sun and all the cities in between crosses the generational gap and proves you don’t need vocals to captivate.

The New Appalachians - Indie Folk/Bluegrass

Part of the Chesky Binaural + Series, From The Mountaintop, is another hallmark in traditional music featuring Dave Eggar, Chuck Palmer, Noah Wall, Jacob Baine, Tommy Norris, Tyler Hughes, Tony Maceli & C. Lanzbom.

Louis Yoelin - Rock/Pop/Country/Dubstep

Chicago and LA based, multi-genre bending artist with hundreds of songs appearing in major productions

Kelly Padrick - Pop

NYC Based, Pop artist whose voice is ever-present and often angelic with music ranging from atmospheric and ethereal singer- songwriter to power pop and dance.

Coco Machete - Dance/Electro/House

NYC based, club label creating some of the hottest music out on the dance floor today.

Jango - Hip Hop/Indie Rock

A dizzying array of top artist from the Jango Music Network hip-hop & Indie Rock collection

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