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Frat Pack Trailer

The 2nd half of the new trailer for "Frat Pack" from Lionsgate is using the track "Get Hype" from our CD AT139 Trap Music - A variety of Trap hip hop music cues featuring 808 basslines, crisp beats and electrifying synths with moods ranging from tough to quirky to atmospheric.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

A Million Ways to Die in the West behind the scenes for the upcoming DVD release on 9/9/14 used several of our library cues:

Scene: MWW201 “Once Upon A Time, In A Different West”
LT054 Indie Blues Rock "Stutter Cut"

Scene: MWW202 “Fistful of Dirt… In Your Mouth”
LT066 Indie Male Country Folk Rock "Home Sweet Home"
AT135_Westward :09 (Manhattan)
AT135_Westward :16 (Manhattan)